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I am 18, lost my virginity almost a year ago, and I have sex fairly regularly now (1-2 times a week) with my monogamous partner. He has had previous partners and has been tested for infection, but the test came up negative. (I was tested recently too, it came up negative)
When we first started having sex, it hurt reallllly bad. Even with lube, lots of lube. KY.
I went to the gyno to ask about this, she examined me and said everything was fine, I just need better lube, so she suggested I get Astroglide. I did, and it works better than KY.

But it hurts like the searing pain of a thousand hells every time he enters me!
While he is in, it isn't so bad, but the initial entering is TERRIBLE. Every time. And I feel so bad for wincing because he obviously doesn't like to see me in pain. Still using Astroglide, so things are a little bit less painful, but still really painful.

I found out I had a latex allergy a few months back, and went on the pill. Now we do it condomless (I take my Yasmin religiously). I could understand if the pain occured after he ejaculated (isn't sperm a base?), but it is just the initial entrance now..

Has anyone else experienced this? Any hints or tips?

[And no, he doesn't have a huge terrifying penis! It's not small, but it's not a foot long or anything either]
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