Erin (natane) wrote in vaginapagina,

questions: butt yeasties? bad doctors and yeastgard.

1. this is not about vaginas specifically, but a part very close... my roommate and i have both been having itchy buttcrack syndrome lately and it's driving us nuts (we're both women). i've heard it's possible to get an external yeast infection there - but would that be possible without it spreading to the vulva? it seems unlikely...
if that's a no, then what could be causing this? we're both STD-free. is it possible that inside air conditioning almost constantly is, well, causing drying and then moisture issues? kinda like mild diaper rash?
i'm in college and i'm posting about having diaper rash. i think i just hit the wierdness nadir.

2. some background: my roomie went to her doctor this summer for a checkup and to be put on birth control. the doctor did no pregnancy test before prescribing (although my roomie clearly said that she was sexually active) nor did she ask if she was using other protection (to rule out the need for a pregnancy test).
although, again, my roomie is sexually active and has had problems for years with extremely irregular periods (which she also mentioned), the doc didn't say anything about a pelvic or STD tests, and didn't even perform a urine culture (i realize none are strictly necessary but it seems like something a doctor would suggest in the situation?) today, she (roomie, not doctor) finally took the prescription in so she could get on birth control.
the doctor didn't even write the prescription correctly - she just put "loestrin" and the standard part about one per month for however many months. there are, according to the pharmacy, five different types of loestrin.
am i alone in thinking this is a pretty crappy doctor? after this, which was the last straw in the situation, she's getting a new one, but i'm still just kinda shocked that a doctor would mess up a prescription that badly, on top of showing no interest in someone's health.

3. the discharge i mentioned in my last post is still here. it's starting to become annoying because i'm running out of underwear and don't want to do laundry... but that's an aside. i'm probably going to start using tampons tomorrow.
anyway, at the pharmacy today, thinking it might help (and certainly couldn't hurt), i grabbed a box of Yeastgard probiotic suppositories. has anyone used these? good/bad results? i'm hoping i haven't wasted money on snake oil.

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