Katrina (katrina_splat) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sex toys in Australia - where to find good stores, good stock

Hi there everyone :)

I have been struggling to find a well stocked, (preferably) female oriented, reasonably priced sex store in Australia (online or otherwise). It's really disheartening, I've ordered online from http://www.femplay.com.au/ but their prices aren't great. My biggest disappointment has been that I simply can't buy the magic Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator here for less than around $200-$250 :(. I can't import it either, apparently it has the tendancy to explode in wall sockets even with correct adaptors. It has been licensed here under the name Medisil magic wand and you can see it doesn't sell for anything close to what it sells for on Amazon.

I also recently discovered that I can't buy sex toys on Ebay due to being outside of the US. This is getting kinda frustrating...I really want to look into getting something high-quality that is made of proper silicone, not that crazy jelly crap. We also don't have a massive range of lubricant here, I'm looking to get something other than Aussie Gold/Durex/Four Seasons brand stuff, as I've tried literally all there is to offer. This is turning into a rant, so I'll stop here.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

ETA: I've just come across http://www.naturalcontours.com.au/ ... thought I'd add it on to the post as it seems to be a very good brand. Just have to see what the prices are like now!
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