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yet ANOTHER yeast infection question!

It seems like all I post about here is my yeast! sorry

So I treated my persistent yeast infection with gentian violet a few days ago and then I got my period. I'm not sure if I still have the yeast infection (I can't tell because of the blood), but it is a little bit itchy down there. No redness though.

I haven't had sex (oral or regular) with my (relatively new) boyfriend in a fews weeks since I was properly diagnosed with a YI and put on Diflucan. It is a mild YI, but resistant to everything I've treated it with so far. Before I went to the gyno to check to see if it was in fact a YI, my boyfriend had done oral on me. The other day he was sucking on my nipples quite a bit, and now they are sore and rough. Underneath one nipple it is dry and flaky/cracked. I put lotion and oil on them and the flakiness has gone away, but they are still rough.

Do you think my boyfriend has oral thrush? Or could this nipple situation be caused by something else? I haven't noticed any really obvious white spots when he's talking, but I haven't told him to "say Ahh" and looked in there with a flashlight, either! I haven't seen him a lot lately since he's been working a lot. I guess I could call and ask him if he has any spots or a sore mouth? But I also heard that oral thrush could be symptomless.

Has anyone ever had any experience with their partner having oral thrush and passing a YI back and forth? Was the oral thrush obvious, and how did you treat it? Planned Parenthood is the only thing we could afford if he DOES have it, unless we could find a free clinic. The Planned Parenthood website for the one near me says it will only screen/treat guys for STDs, but a yeast infection isn't a STD. Do you think they'd still check him out and treat him?
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