nimrod87 (nimrod87) wrote in vaginapagina,

22year old first timer

I'm 22 years old and i'm still a virgin, i met my boyfriend two years also a virgin and we both were ready to have sex until something happened in our relationship we have now come around this obsticle and are now once again ready to have sex. as it is both of ours first time we are unsure of what to do we have talked and talked about i am not on the pill yet and may not be for a few months yet however we are planing to have sex soon i suggested using a condom and him pulling out, would that be safe? what would be the safest thing for us to do as i am worried about getting pregnant. he was asking me questions like do i want lights on or etc but i really dont know i keep telling him i know as much as he does but i dont think he understands this also i want him to be on top but he wants me to be on top because he read somewhere that this is what women perfer what do you think should i be on top or bottom? i think i would prefer to be on bottom

any tips or any help or advice would be greatly appreciated thanks.2
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