acs80 (acs80) wrote in vaginapagina,

Very confused...just found out I have HPV, but my pap was normal...?

I'm so upset. My doctor just called me after giving me a pap smear last week and told me that my pap was "normal" but that the lab work showed that I have HPV. She told me not to worry about this because my pap was in fact normal and that I should come back in six months to see if the HPV was gone by that point. I asked her about the risk of cervical cancer for women with HPV and she said that I would only have to worry if my pap had come back abnormal.

Is this true? I'm so scared right now. I've never had an STD or anything and I'm pretty horrified that I'm going to end up with cancer. I also did a search here and read that some people with HPV have things like genital warts and lesions -- do I have that to look forward to, as well?

I thought my partner and I were super responsible because we both had a the full work up of STD testing before becoming sexually active, but of course there's no test for HPV in men. Geez -- this makes me want to become celibate.

Any words of wisdom out there? I'm so miserable right now.
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