Erin (natane) wrote in vaginapagina,

Oddest discharge I've ever had.

I'm getting over-normal amounts of dark brown/reddish discharge, and have been for about a week now. However, it's really, really thin (almost liquid, but mucusy asnd very slick) and not opaque. It's kinda like.... dark reddish brown Jello, after it's been mixed and is just starting to cool. Yeah.

I'm not really sure why... my girly bits feel fine, my BC has been on time, no sex in the last month and a half, not pregnant, no additional stress...

I doubt I'm going to get much more of an answer than "vaginas do that" but I thought it was worth posting here. I'm kinda wtf-ing about it. Especially since I slipped a finger up there in the shower and ended up with enough discharge on my hand that when I moved my arm too suddenly it actually flew off my hand to the shower wall. Not my favorite experience ever.
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