Tamara (firesorceress) wrote in vaginapagina,

What do crotch boogers mean?

Hello everyone, a little background to precede my question. I'm 24, married, not currently on any type of birth control, just using condoms or a diaphragm. I am new to diaphragms, probably need to go in for a resizing cause mine seems too big (so I haven't used it for a week, just condoms). Anyway, for the last few days, I keep getting crotch boogers. Meaning, that sticky gooey stuff that usually comes about whenever you ovulate. Except, I got it one day, thought that was normal, then I got it AGAIN the next day, and now, two days later, I had it yet again! So, I know it's normal to get it once for ovulating, and I know it's even normal to get it twice cause sometimes women ovulate twice in rare circumstances. However, getting it this often... Could that mean pregnancy? I just want to be careful, and not drink till I find out for sure if there's a likelihood that I could be pregnant. I'm just not sure if that's even a symptom of pregnancy.
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