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Painful sex (update after doctor's visit)

Updating after my post of the other day. I went to the gyno this morning and told him about the problems I've been having. He examined me and said he couldn't see anything physically wrong. He also said that because he was able to use the speculum on me without it hurting, he didn't think it was vaginismus. (Although I thought I'd heard that some women with vaginismus were able to accommodate a speculum, but... whatever.) So he said that he couldn't help, and he thought it might be psychological, so he is going to recommend that my own doctor refers me for psychosexual counselling.

(And then I cried, and the world didn't end.)

I'm disappointed, because I'd hoped he would be able to help directly. But maybe the counselling will help; I am sort of an uptight person, and a bit nervous about sex (especially since this has been happening), and it surely can't hurt to try and sort some of that out. He said if the counselling doesn't help, to go back to him. If that gets me nowhere, I will have to change GPs and start all over again.

BUT... after the doctor, I went home with my boyfriend, and we ended up in bed. And I decided we should try penetration again. It wasn't fully comfortable, and it did hurt when he went in past a certain point. But it was the first time we've actually managed penetration in a long time, and the pain was a lot less than it has been. So that was somewhat encouraging.
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