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question about lables for sexuality

Hey all!

If this post isn't appropriate for this community please feel free to let me know or delete or whatever. This is because my question isn't directly related to vaginas (ok, well, it is in some cases...)

Today at work (I'm a social work student completing placement at a Womens Health Centre) we redid our registration forms for new clients. Now, there is the following question:

Do you consider yourself: Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual, or other ?

One of the workers asked me why there was an "other" option, and I couldn't answer beyond my understanding that sometimes people don't like to put a lable on their sexuality as it is restricting, and can result in stigma or prejudice, and also that sometimes people don't even use gender to identify themselves or others, thus rendering names for sexuality based on gender meaningless.

These are only my thoughts on the matter though, and I was wondering if theres anymore insight people here can give me. It really made me think a lot about it and I was wondering if anyona can tell me more, or maybe enlighten me about some more names and what they mean?
Tags: sexual-identification
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