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cramps? maybe?


im on microgestin fe 1/20. have been for like five months. only problems so far have been some insane cramps and ridiculous amounts of spotting, both of which have gone away in the last two months or so.

but, today, i have a new problem! but, i dunno if its caused by the birth control or what.

i feel like i can feel myself ovulating, i think. now, birth control stops you ovulating, right? so that cant be what it is. but it just feels like really bad cramps right around where my left ovary would be! it came on very suddenly, and isnt immobilizingly painful or anything. just like really bad cramps.

is it possible that maybe its just normal cramps? usually cramps just sit in my lower-mid belly, they never stretch over this far.

i dont know. i would just like a logical period or birth-control related answer before i start panicking and thinking its a cyst or a tumor. =/

p.s. im six pills away from starting my placebo pills. i usually start my period around the second or third day in, but it was a little whack last month and never actually STARTED. just some spotting. i took a pregnancy test, it came up negative, so im not TOO freaked about being knocked up. just thought id throw the extra info in there, in case it was at all useful.

any help is MUCH appreciated.
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