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Hi everyone,

I'm self admittedly paranoid but had a situation tonight that made me uncomfortable. Not sure if I'm justified or overly concerned. Here goes:

I had sex with my boyfriend tonight after not seeing him for a while. He finished and we laid in bed talking for a while. After 20ish minutes, we decided to go for round two. I told him he had to take off the condom and put on a new one. He was putting on the new one and I saw him stumble a bit because he put it on backwards and then reapplied it the right way. It was probably a millisecond of actual contact with his penis but I know a fraction of that time is all it takes for sperm to transfer. Due to my paranoia, I told him I wouldn't have sex with him unless he had another condom (which he didn't). I kept saying no and then finally gave in.

Now, I am on the birth control pill (Lutera) and take it pretty near perfectly (within 5 minutes every day). I just finished my placebo pills on Thursday and started the new pack on Friday.

So, should I be concerned about pregnancy? Would it be worth taking Plan B? I'd really rather not take it but will if there's any kind of real pregnancy risk. Also, does having just finished my period factor into fertility (even though I'm on the pill)? And just double checking, I'm supposed to take all 7 placebo pills as my fourth week, even if my period ended before my new pack began, right?

And lastly, I know my boyfriend had no ill intentions and I was aware of my decision to have sex with him despite my concern, but I still feel kinda crummy. There was no reason I couldn't have stuck to my guns (no matter how irrational) and let him get off a different way, without compromising what I was comfortable with.

Anyway, I apologize for my rambling...I just needed to vent and hopefully gain some insight (which hopefully won't have me freaking out for the next 3 weeks about my pregnancy status).

Thanks to all.
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