scorpioshine (scorpioshine) wrote in vaginapagina,

Abdominal Pain and Yeast Infection?

Again I need some more questions answered. I've been having yeast infection symptoms for a while now, almost a constant one since August (which hasn't been treated) and recently this week I've been expierencing some mild abdominal pain. I've read this means yeast could be spreading. I've been thinking about taking Monistat for a while now but should I still with the abdominal pain? I've taking the Vagisal screening kit twice now and I've got the same reading, yeast infection or normal. I'm not sure how accurate that is but...

I know I should go to the doctors, it's just extremely difficult. I know if I tell my mom to take me just cause she'll think I'm pregnant or something...ugh. HELP!
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