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Vaginal Penetration and Urination?

Ok so here's my issue: I've never had PIV sex but I masturbate quite frequently. I just bought a new dildo and it's a perfect fit for me but I have a slight problem. Everytime I insert it, I feel like I have to pee. I'm well lubricated and I empty my bladder before I masturbate, but everytime there's this strange intense tingling sensation that doesn't go away until I remove my dildo. And when I do, there's this torrent of fluid. Now this happens more than once in a masturbation session and the first gush always smells like urine, but all the subsequent "gushes" don't. I thought it was me ejaculating, but is there supposed to be so much? I mean, we're talking at least 4oz of fluid every session. (I know cuz I've measured lol) And there's no orgasm! Just tingling and that weird gush. I can still masturbate to orgasm, but this weirdness always happens a few times before I do. Any thoughts/input?
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