Meredith L. Patterson (maradydd) wrote in vaginapagina,
Meredith L. Patterson

what's that lump?

Hi all,

I've got a weird lump below the skin on the left side of my vagina, which I'm going to go have checked out ASAP, but figured I'd ask here to see if anyone might be able to help me ID it.

It's entirely subdermal, and is about the size of a lima bean, maybe a bit bigger. It's in line with my outer labia, but farther down, more toward my butt -- from poking around on the other side I'd say it's sitting on top of the internal surface of the superior ramus of my ischium, but I could be wrong about that.

It's firm and not especially painful, though it's tender when prodded. I've had sebaceous cysts before, and from the texture and lack of pain I would assume that's what it is, except it doesn't move, and all the sebaceous cysts I've had in the past have been mobile. My other guess would be a swollen lymph node, but I was under the impression that the inguinal lymph nodes were higher up.

Any ideas? I'm not on hormonal birth control, though I am sexually active (thanks, IUD!). It's been a while since my last STI exam, though my only current partner recently had one and came up STI-free.
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