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Painful sex -- preparing for gyno visit

Sex has been painful for me for about the last 18 months -- bf and I haven't had actual sex since February. (Pain is vaginal rather than abdominal, and penetration is impossible; I think it is just clamping shut.) My GP couldn't help beyond the standard "foreplay and lube" advice, which was no help at all. After four months on a waiting list I am finally about to see a gyno in the hospital, and I'm pretty nervous.

I'm not sure what questions I should ask. I'm anxious about being able to describe the problem so a male doctor can understand me. I'm afraid he will be dismissive of the problem (I've had trouble getting doctors to take this seriously in the past). I'm afraid if he can't immediately see what's wrong, he'll give up and I'll be back where I started (this happened once before with another gyno). I'm terrified I'll cry in front of him because this whole situation has me so discouraged and ashamed.

Does anyone have experience with this kind of situation? What are the important questions I should be asking him, and what can I do about these other fears?
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