classicalamity (classicalamity) wrote in vaginapagina,

Condescending doctor?

So, I just went to see a doctor about a possible UTI and/or YI. She didn't really conclude much, as I've been drinking heaps and everything seems to have died down, so a urine test showed nothing, as did a physical exam.

Anyway, thats not really the issue. I told her I was sexually active, and have been with the same partner for close to a year. She asked if we used condoms, and I told her not all the time. I feel a little guilty about this, but I'm on HBC and rarely miss a pill. Neither myself nor by boyfriend (we're both 17) have been in a relationship before this one (well, he has but they were long distance type things that lasted a few weeks). I told the doctor all this and she was a bit condescending, asking how could I know that my boyfriend was a virgin before meeting me, and said something like "if he's not a monk or has been in prison how do you know, unless he's too incompetent and didn't know what to do with it".

I'm a little hurt by what she said, as she basically implied my boyfriend was lying to me. It's also left me feeling kinda shameful/guilty for having sex without a condom. I know I should get tested for STI's, which I'm planning to do this week. Whats the chances of me having something if I've had one sexual partner, who's only slept with me? Or am I just being a stupid, risky teen? Sorry this ended up being a bit long, I just wanted some other opinions on this.
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