Deanna (sullenduchess) wrote in vaginapagina,

Looking for an article on "female sexual dysfunction"

HI VP, you guys are going to be my saviours if you can point me in the direction of this article.

I am looking for a post (made fairly recently) about drugs to treat sexual dysfunction in females. The post linked to an article that basically gave the impression of "if you don't have mindblowing porn sex, SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU". The reason I need to find this is I am writing a paper on advertising creating false need blah blah blah and I have this huge section on pharmaceuticals and I would like to include something about the drugs used.

So, why am I asking you to look for this post for me, and not looking for myself?
Well, that is because it only just hit me now that this would be perfect to include, and I am at my boyfriend's house now to use the internet but must go home soon where I do not have internet. I did some googling but did not come across the exact post. If anyone knows the post off the top of their head and can point me in the right direction, it would be great. but no worries if it requires extensive searching-- I can do that on my own later. This would just be a huge help for now as I really need to get this paper done soon and if I can get the article by the morning, I will be in a better place than if I have to take a while and look for it.

I am totally asking VP to do my bidding and I am SO SORRY. I will make it up to you sometime, VP! But, again, if anyone can point me at the post, it would be a lifesaver.

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