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dry yeast infection?


I've had a small yeast infection for a couple of months that will not go away. I tried Monistat and Tioconozole(?), went to the Gyno and got tested and got Diflucan, but it didn't help. It started out bad, and though it has gotten MUCH better, it's still in there. Barely any itching or redness or discharge, but inside there is still thick white sticky discharge and the walls of my vag are a bit raw. The weird thing is there is never much discharge on my panties at all, but it does smell a tiiiiny bit "yeasty" I think. I've been abstaining from sex because of this (note: my bf and I use condoms, but stay away from the ones with spermacide).

Anyway- I finally tried the Gentian Violet method I found here about a day ago. Everything seems fine so far, but I'm having almost 0 discharge! Way less than even a normal non-YI amount of discharge. I wouldn't even notice, except it shows up as tiny purple specks from the gentian violet dye haha. If I reach up into my vag with my fingers, I can still pull out globs of sticky, thick (purple) discharge, but it never seems to make its way OUT of my vag. It doesn't look like normal yeasty cottage cheese discharge- more like really thick snot (and it used to be solid white before it was dyed purple).

So, I guess my question is- is my vag too dry? Would it be helpful for my condition if I got some lubricant to put up there? Why doesn't the discharge come out? Is this some sort of "dry" yeast infection?

I guess I will have to wait a while until my insides aren't purple to go to the gyno for any sort of test.

I had a STD check before I got with my current boyfriend, and everything came back negative. We use condoms when we have sex, but we also have (unprotected) oral sex. I got this yeast infection while with my current bf, and when I went to the gyno and they checked for the YI, the nurse said I should also give a urine sample to check for chlamidiya and ghonnorrhea since that's a standard thing they do when checking for YI as well since the symptoms are similar. However, I got a call saying my urine test got messed up and I need to do another one, however, I've got a vag full of violet right now and am due to start my period soon so that will have to wait.
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