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Another Angel

In July 2005, I accidentally got pregnant on antibiotics, not having had anyone tell me to use a backup method of birthcontrol along with my pill. By November 2005, I had lost my baby. I went in for a routine exam, which included an ultrasound, and we found no heartbeat. I did know the sex of the baby, she was going to be a little girl.
That story is here: http://brokengirl1985.livejournal.com/29904.html

Fast forward to October/November 2009.

So, about three weeks ago, I was sick, and I was put on antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection, and a sinus infection. I was prescribed Augmentin XR 1000MG tablets 2 tablets by mouth twice daily, as well as some cough pills she gave me. I took the meds as directed, and used a backup method of birth control. I'm on the pill and we use a condom the only time we had sex around that time. The condom did not slip off or break, and "things" went smoothly. I took the Augmentin until it was all gone, but while I was taking it, about a week after our sexual encounter, I started to have bleeding with a medium to heavy flow, just like my regular period. I knew it wasn't my regular period because my periods are usually right on the clock, if not off only by a day or so. Never late, never early. Plus, I was in the middle of a pack of birth control pills. I take Quasense, a generic version of the brand name Seasonale, the "4 period a year" pill. I take the pills for three months, off a week, then repeat, etc...I took a pregnancy test, and it came out negative, but then a week and a half later, I took two more and both came out positive. I called my Ob/Gyn and he asked me questions like, whether or not there were clots in the flow, how heavy the flow was, etc...and he said without an exam, the best he could tell was that either, A.) I had a miscarriage in the very early stages of the pregnancy, and that the HCG was still in my system, or B.) I was still pregnant and was having complications. He said he wanted me to make an appointment to come in right away. The soonest I could get in was in three weeks, so I had no choice but to take the appointment, but by the time the appointment came, I continued to take tests, and the last one had come out negative. After that, I knew exactly what had happened. I had had another miscarriage. This time I did tell my fiance immediately that I may be pregnant, and he was there to go through everything with me...
I asked him earlier today why it was he thought I couldn't carry babies...maybe we're just not meant to have children...maybe a higher power knows that this isn't the time for us to have children...I don't know, I just know, that I don't think I can handle having this happen again...it's too painful...
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