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Sex causing period?

I am really sorry if this is in the archives somewhere, cause it seems like it would be a question asked before, but I can't find it anywhere. If it is somewhere else, feel free to redirect and/or delete

I know that sex can't CAUSE a period, per se. However, here's what happened. Had sex on Tuesday night and again on Wednesday morning. Then, on Thursday evening, I get some spotting. Spotting then turns into full on flow. I'm smack dab in the middle of my cycle so it's definitely not a real period. It's honestly like a consistent not-too-heavy period and it's lasted for almost four days. I understand how sex could cause spotting because of possibly hitting the cervix and orgasms making the cervix open. But would it really cause this much bleeding? This happened to my roommate for a long time. Whenever she'd have sex, she'd get a "period" that would last until her actual period.

Helpful knowledge: - Just switched from Loestrin 24 to Junel 1/20 (the generic of regular Loestrin) and this is my first month on the Junel. I thought at first it might be spotting from that, but it seems like it would be MIGHTY coincidental that it happens two days after I had sex... plus I've never spotted before when I change BCs.
- Long distance relationship = before Tuesday, I hadn't had sex in over a month
- Sex is always very well lubricated with Astroglide without parabens or glycerin.

I'm not particularly concerned...I would just like to know what's causing it. It was QUITE the damper on my precious five days with my boyfriend.
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