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I've been dealing with an increase in hair shedding for about a month and am really starting to stress out over it. I've dealt with hair shedding issues before, but it was always when I was either going on, or coming off, hormonal birth control. But I haven't been on HBC for years -- I now have a copper IUD -- so I don't have any explanation for why I'm shedding so much now. I had a full thyroid work up last week (not just TSH and T4, but antibodies and some other stuff, the names of which I unfortunately don't have in front of me), and everything was well within normal ranges -- I had this test done because I know hair shedding can be caused by thyroid issues, and hypothyroidism runs in my family.

My mom told me 'not to worry' and said that this is probably cyclical or seasonal. But I mean, come on -- I'm not a dog! I've never had seasonal hair shedding before, nor do I know anyone who's dealt with something like this. It's really driving me crazy, and I don't know if I should just sit back and wait for it to stop (if indeed it will stop on its own), or devote a lot of time to trying to figure out why it's happening.

Anyone else ever had experiences with hair shedding for no clear reason (i.e. not from thyroid/hormonal issues or HBC) and have it gradually resolve itself on its own? This is all I can think about and I'm starting to lose my mind.

Thank you!
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