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Constant YI or BV symptoms...?

I've posted on here before but didn't really get much help other then to visit the doctor. Honestly, I'm terrified of the doctors and I do not want some stranger looking down there. I also don't know how to tell my mother about it so she will actually take me. I've bought a Monistat 3-day treatment and a Vagisal screening kit. Last year I can remember having YI symptoms twice but they were never treated. This year I can't even count how many YI or BV symptoms I've had. It seems like it's been constant since August. No, I have not treated it. Could my untreated symptoms be the problem for constant symptoms??? To rule out BV I also took the screening kit and it said it was normal or could be a yeast infection. Right now I have mild itching with lots of normal discharge but sometimes it can have some white clumps in it or can smell fishy, which I always thought was a normal smell...? It pretty much all depends on the day. The only relieve I have from these symptoms is when I'm on my period but then my pad irritates me and then that turns right back into my symptoms. I have had sexplay (figers) with my boyfriend but not actual sex. To my knowlege I'm a pretty healthy person with a poor diet and I have not been on any medications. I need help on what to do or some advice on what other people have gone through. I'm only 17 here...

Ps. I've also been having mild lower stomach pains lately if that would help any.
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