I am Law...you are Crime. (another_slender) wrote in vaginapagina,
I am Law...you are Crime.

How long after taking Levaquin can I take Fluconazole?

First, some context: Last Sunday I noticed my labia felt kind of sore and a little swollen. I figured I had just inadvertently irritated myself somehow and thought nothing of it. But then on Monday, the discomfort turned into burning and itching and after some googling, I feared I had my very first yeast infection. I called my doc and made an appointment for Wednesday. I suffered through more itching and burning on Tuesday along with an odorless white discharge...it was uncomfortable, yes, but not totally unbearable, so I held off on buying any creams or over the counter yeast infection treatments. My reasoning was that since this was my first ever yeast infection & the symptoms cropped up completely out of the blue, I wanted to get a confirmed diagnosis from a doctor before doing anything. I didn't want to unknowingly exacerbate the situation.

So, Wednesday comes along and my doctor does a urine test. He said that there were red blood cells (because I was due to get my period in a few days), white blood cells, and some bacteria in my urine. He said he wasn't sure if I also had a urinary tract infection, so he prescribed an antibiotic called Levaquin, 500mg, for a 3 day course and generic Fluconazole, 150mg, for my yeast infection. He didn't even mention the possible drug interactions, but luckily, I had done my own research beforehand. I had read that antibiotics can cause and/or prolong yeast infections, so I asked him about my concern. He replied that I should do the 3 day course of the Levaquin first and then afterwards, take the fluconazole pill. He said he prescribed one refill of the fluconazole just in case I still needed it.

So, I left my appointment, filled the prescription, and bought some Vagisil anti-itch wipes & cream. I took the first Levaquin pill on Wednesday & found that the wipes were all the relief I needed, so I haven't even opened the cream yet. The next day, however, I got my period. I had also read that periods can 'self-cure' yeast infections so I was actually a little excited, haha. So, I continued with the daily Levaquin dose, but didn't continue to use the wipes since the itching/burning was pretty much alleviated by my period.

That brings me up to date...I finished my Levaquin 3 day course yesterday and I'm assuming that today is the day for me to go ahead and take the fluconazole. My question is this...if I took my last dose of the antibiotic Levaquin yesterday around 7:30pm, how long should I wait today before I take the fluconazole? I just want to aviod any interactions that might counter the effect of the fluconazole. Oh, and thanks in advance! (Also, if this entry needs a cut due to length, just let me know & I'll do it!)
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