waterblaster (waterblaster) wrote in vaginapagina,

Continuing on BC (time limit?)

So, I just recently broke up with my boyfriend. Not that I know if it'll be permanent or anything, we might get back together someday in the future, I don't know. All I know is I needed sometime away from him, and frankly cannot pinpoint a date where we might get back together, if it ever even happens. Anyway, I've been on the pill for about 1 year. Is it a problem if I keep on taking my pills? I mean, healthwise, is there anything to be concerned with if I keep on taking my pills for, like, forever? I definitely will not be sleeping with anybody within the next 2 months at least (I have never even slept with my ex, the pills were just for my piece of mind...)

I don't want to put my body through any kind of stress, like going on the pill, off the pill, on the pill, off the pill... It just seems to me that it would probably be much more stable for my body if I just keep on going with the pills until I decide to conceive. So, in a nutshell... Basically, it there a time limit for taking pills? I take one called Adoless (I'm from Brazil, I don't think this one is available in the US), and has 60 mcg gestodeno and 15mcg of etinilestradiol (if that is of any importance).

Thanks in advance!
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