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unusual bleeding

It's been about a week since I finished my period and I'm on BC so I shouldn't be ovulating. And tonight, about 4 hours after much needed love making, I have some weird bleeding. The intercourse wasn't rough and it didn't hurt and I hardly ever experience any tearing and when I do I know it (ow)! The blood is not thick or anything like a period. It looks/feels like normal blood like from a cut finger or something. runny and thin... I hope I'm making sense (ha ha) But any way, I'm just wondering if you guys think it is just a cut or if it's something more? I did skip two pills already by accident because I went to my parent's house for Thanksgiving and left the packet behind. I've never had bleeding like this before so it worries me a little. Btw, my boyfriend and I are completely monogamous and we were both virgins when we met 5 years ago. Thanks in advanced! :)
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