emmaheart_4 (emmaheart_4) wrote in vaginapagina,

strange pain- endometriosis?

I really hope that this post is okay for this community- but I've been to a ton of other online medical advice forums/ communities and they've got nothing to help me.

I've had a pain going on since July off and on. The pain is located about four inches above my hip, sometimes hurting more in the front and sometimes hurting more in the back, but always originating from the middle. I also occasionally get bouts of pain in the exact spot on my ride side. I'm usually a mild to moderately nauseous too. Also, I feel really warm like I have a fever but I don't have one.

At first I thought it was my kidneys that were bothering me, but ultrasounds, blood tests, and urine tests revealed nothing wrong with them. In a CT scan, they only found loose fluid in my abdomen, a 2.4 cm ovarian cyst on the left ovary, and a stone in my appendix. I went to a GYN and she said the cyst was most likely too small to be causing my pain, but to wait out my cycle and if it was still hurting I could come in for an ultrasound. Well, the pain went away shortly before I got my period (Nov 3) and returned last week. My cycles are about ~34 days but irregular, and usually I get cramps bad enough to require 3 ibuprofens.

The only medicine that help with this pain is Naproxen, but it's not doing much.

Could anyone make a guess as to what is causing this awful pain? Is it the cyst? Is it endometriosis? Something else? Please, any help or suggestions are welcome. Thank you all so much.
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