in_this_love (in_this_love) wrote in vaginapagina,

hair thinning on HBC

Hey all!
I just asked a question about hair thinning in another community because I have noticed my hair is much thinner than it used to be. I am 20 now and when i was 13-17 age it was very thick, curly and frizzy. It is now much more tame (i figured that came with getting older, hormones, natural changes, etc) but someone brought to my attention it could be my HBC.

I started Yaz when I was 18 and I just want to know the details of this. I started searching online and just got freaked out about long-term effects, etc. so I need some comforting and some solid info. Please help! thanks :)

Edit: I forgot to add what my research said.
-some said that due to Yaz's low estrogen that could contribute
-others said because it is anti androgen it should help with hair loss (other BCs have androgens and that can contribute to hair loss?) confusing!
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