fairlyclueless (fairlyclueless) wrote in vaginapagina,

birth control

hey everyone,

i have recently started having sex with my boyfriend (very committed relationship, for the record!) and we've both decided that it'd be a fantastic idea for me to go on birth control. i've never been on it before (i'm 18) and i sort of just feel really really clueless about how to even start the process. i've looked up a ton of info on various types and i know i want to go with a combined pill (i'm leaning towards ortho tri cyclen lo) but other than that, i just don't know anything.

is there any advice or tips or general information anyone can offer? warnings, perhaps? i definitely want to get this taken care of as soon as possible; we've stopped the sex for the time being because we are not baby fans at this point, but i know we're both human and can only hold out for so long! :) thanks in advance!

Edit: thanks for your comments guys, i really appreciate the insight and i already feel a lot better about this!
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