ashley (nintendosongs) wrote in vaginapagina,

"i didn't know i was pregnant"

okay, so i'm sure many of you have seen that TLC show, "i didn't know i was pregnant".
am i alone in being totally paranoid because of this show? i am on birth control, which i always take at the same time every day, but i can't help but hear the little worried voice in the back of my head every now and then. lately i have noticed a lot of nausea, fatigue, and anxiety. i only started HBC about a month and a half ago, so i have been contributing these symptoms to really shitty side effects, since my period was on time last month anyway.

basically, i just feel the need to be reassured that not knowing you're pregnant is extremely rare...right? so many episodes of that show have shown cases where the woman had negative pregnancy tests and was on birth control, etc. i just don't want a day to come where i have a crazy stomach ache only to surprisingly give birth.
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