laviebohemenyc (laviebohemenyc) wrote in vaginapagina,


My boyfriend and I usually use condoms, and occasionally use the withdrawal method. Well, a week and a half ago, we were having sex and he used a condom the first time, and about two hours later, we had sex again, where he pulled out. He did not urinate in between these two encounters, and pulled out like 15seconds before he came. I am not on birth control, but actually am going to start whenever I get my next period (HOPE SO ANYWAYS....) Well, according to my online fertility calendar which I just started last month to try to keep track of my period, it should have began on Monday. Obviously, I'm really freaked out right now about my pregnancy chances, but I've only just begun keeping track of when my period should be arriving. What do you think my chances of pregnancy are? I took two pregnancy tests yesterday, which both came back negative, but do you think it was too soon to test? Ahh, I know these posts are so redundant but I'm terrified right now to the point of never having sex again..
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