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advice on plan b

Hi Ladies, I have learned so much information from this community and need some of your great advice. I have been taking Ortho Tri Cyclen for the past four months. I was not planning on having sex anytime soon, because I broke up with my boyfriend, so I was careless with my timing on taking the pills. I would usually take the pills in the morning but about 5 times, this month, I forgot and took it in the afternoon. Twice I forgot and took 2 the next day. I had sex yesterday. He was wearing a condom but when he was coming he pulled out and the condom came off and he came on my stomach, and I think in my vagina. I need advice on whether I should take plan b or start a new pack of pills now, and maybe double up on the pills. I am on my placebo week, my placebo week started Sunday November 22. Since starting the pill I get my period on the s of the placebo week. Should I wait to see if I get my period this Thursday(November 26)? I don't know what to do, pregnancy is not an option I am not financially or emotionally ready.
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