Tongue tied and twisted, an earthbound misfit, I. (ninabrujaha) wrote in vaginapagina,
Tongue tied and twisted, an earthbound misfit, I.

Help, my period comes too often?

I gave birth in February, and since then I've had some really irregular periods. Actually, the first few months they came on time Then my cycles got really long and I'd have about 5 weeks between each period. Now, the past 2 times, I've had less than 2 or 3 weeks between my periods. I woke up this morning with my period when I only finished my last period 12-ish days ago. Last period was very light, while this one seems normal - moderate/heavy at first.
I really can't have my period every 2 weeks. I will go crazy.
I guess I could go to a doctor, but I went last month in case I was pregnant (I was not), and she told me there wasn't anything she could do or to be concerned about.

I know hormonal birth control would be an option if I want to regulate my periods, but I've been there and it sucks. I never had regular periods and always had spotting on low dose, and now that I am breastfeeding, my only option is POP, which means even less regularity and more spotting.

Sigh. Anyway, thanks for any advice you may have...
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