a m y (sexymama305) wrote in vaginapagina,
a m y

I am 20 and i don't get my period

I am 20 and i don't get my period. I have boobs and all that good stuff. I have been given hormorne tests, bone density tests, brain scans,ultra sounds, been put on estrogen, still no period! I smoke marijuana daily though and haven't quit long enough to find out if this is effecting it. Oh yeah, my ovaries were small ( underdeveloped ) and they grew a little bit after i was put on estrogen. But i started experiecing heart pain so they took me off. Will the estrogen effect me otherwise? Like in a bad way?

I have been around 95 pounds for a few years now and my weight isn't dropping anymore. I am 5ft 2in .I have never gotten a period.

I first told my regular doc who reffered me to a gynocologist, who referred me to a bunch of random vagina doctors, who asked me questions like "Do you have diahrea everyday?" and have had a handful of people look up my vagina. I currently go see an endocrinologist, she says shes even emailed professors at Harvard, but no luck :(
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