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Had unprotected sex on the last day of my period...

...I KNOW better than this. I really, really, really do. I am 27, and this is the only time I have EVER had unprotected sex. It was totally a heat-of-the-moment deal, and now I'm terrified.

Here's the scoop:

in my September my cycle was only 21 days
in October it was 28
this month, it was 28 days--my period started on November 15 and ended on November 21st--the morning I had unprotected sex.

Let's assume my cycle decides to be 21 days again. Obviously, my chances of becoming pregnant are greater than they would be if it runs for the full 28 days.

I wish I had taken Plan B, but now it's too late. What kind of likelihood of pregnancy is there? I watch my body carefully and can almost always tell when I'm ovulating, but ever since this sexual encounter, I've been terribly aroused (thinking about it), and I've been pretty wet down there. SURELY I wouldn't be ovulating yet....but the "what ifs" are killing me.

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