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I'm confused.

I've been dating my current boyfriend for the last 8-9 months. The other day he dropped a doozy on me.
He told me that he wouldn't be upset with me if I wanted to sleep with other men. We've always had the understanding that I can sleep with any women I want as long as I telling him about it afterward. But he doesn't mind other men?
He explained it to me by saying that I'm a very sexual person, (totally am) and that he never gets jealous about my masturbation habits ( at least twice a day) because it's not that he isn't satisfying me it's just I need it to get though the day. I know he doesn't mind the woman because it's a strong part of who I am and he can't give me what a woman can give me.

BUT, the men idea baffles me. I know he knows that I love him more than anyone. No good dickin' is going to change that. But I still can't help be like "uh what". I'm afraid he doesn't know what he wants and if I do it he's going to be hurt.

Comments? Anything?
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