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possible yeast infection

Hello everyone! I know this has been asked a million times before, but I'm having a hard time finding a specific answer...

I think I may have a mild yeast infection. I have a bit of clumpy white discharge (I'm pretty in tune with my discharge, as I use FAM, and this is close to "sticky" but definitely clumpier and different for me), I constantly feel like I am "dripping," and I am itchy. The discharge has no smell, though. I have never had a vaginal YI before (one time I thought I did, but now I think it was BV), but I had a ton of candida/intestinal yeast infections when I was younger due to antibiotics.

I'm pretty sure this one came from me using shaving cream, not drying off well enough after a shower and putting on nylon/spandex underwear. :| Question is, should I use an OTC treatment? I'm kind of afraid to just because I'm not positive it is a YI, and I don't want to create any super resistant yeast especially with my past issues. I think I have a diflucan prescription somewhere but I don't really want to deal with that. I am going out of town today so I can't verify this with a doctor. What is best when you just want to stop being itchy and are not sure what is going on (and you are going to be spending the next few days staying with family)? OTC treatments (probably easiest for me to use/procure)? Yogurt? Acidophilus pills? Garlic? Help me, VP!

ETA: The discharge has let up but I bought some plain yogurt anyway. Will be doing that later.
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