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Dealing with Questionable Comments

Hello, lovely VPers!

We, your friendly local maintainer team, wanted to bring up a subject that has been on our (and some of your) minds lately.

Every now and then we all encounter a post or comment in the community that raises our hackles; sometimes, a post/comment shows up that raises many (or even most) members' hackles, and when that kind of collective response occurs, sometimes the results can be a little overwhelming for everyone involved.

That's why we wanted to put forward some suggestions about how best to respond in such situations.
  • When responding, consider what's already been said. A problematic comment or post often ends up getting multiple responses (sometimes in a very short time frame) that say much the same thing. That being the case, it can be helpful to do a quick read-through and/or refresh before posting a comment to see if others have already addressed the issue -- sometimes hearing the same thing multiple times can be pretty overwhelming, and it may be easier for someone to digest such a response if it's made just once or twice.
  • Keep our safe space and empowerment goals in mind. Even when disagreeing, it's important not to ridicule or belittle others, or to pass judgment on their choices. This can be tough when someone has said something that's personally upsetting, but that's where we come in.
  • Don't be afraid to contact us! In cases where someone has obviously violated VP's rules or guidelines, we very much appreciate hearing from you so that we can take appropriate action. However, we're also here to help when discussions become heated, to explain/defuse/redirect as needed.
As always, if you have questions, just let us know. And, in the interests of keeping policy discussion where it belongs, we invite you to share your suggestions and reactions over here in contact_vp. Comments on this post will be screened; we'll see them and respond to them as best we can, but if you'd like to discuss this issue, we ask that you do so over there.

That's all! :)

Take care,

For the VP Team
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