Emma the Wheelchair Princess (cyberpurple) wrote in vaginapagina,
Emma the Wheelchair Princess

Smears when not sexually active or with a disability

I got a letter today as I'm about to turn 28 inviting me for my three yearly smear test (they start at 25 here). I opted out last time as I've never had any form of sex. But then I got the letter today and I'm thinking as I'm still a virgin I can opt out again. My research online suggests that I have very few risk factors and that the majority of cases of cervical cancer are caused by HPV (I think I saw somewhere that said 99%). The leaflet I got with the letter has a section for people past the menopause and that pretty much suggests if your in that category and have never had sex with a man you don't need smears. It says nothing for people my age who've never been sexually active.

So, question one is whether all you lovely people of VP think I would be putting myself at risk by opting out again? It strikes me as a case of I pretty much can do so but I also know it will have to be done sometime regardless.

Having a smear would be a little complicated for me as I have a physical disability and use a wheelchair. I'm pretty sure my range of motion and spasticity levels (which are always present but certain things like high emotion, being cold, anxiety can worsen meaning I suspect a smear would do so) would make it very difficult i.e. getting my legs into a position where they could do the smear and keeping them there long enough. It would be done by the practice nurse at the GP and of all the ones I've met they've been very friendly but not as a whole great on disability issues. Last time it was discussed I got "you can transfer you'll be fine" as the basic response and my concerns about the details didn't get discussed.

So and this is probably the biggy - if you have a disability (specifically I have the spastic diplegia form of CP) in the lower limbs and/or spasticity does it affect you having smears? Anyone got any tips or tricks?
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