Foxy Loxy with Floppy Socksies (madkrazyghetto) wrote in vaginapagina,
Foxy Loxy with Floppy Socksies

Period on first week of HBC.

I used to be on the generic of Ortho Tri-Cyclen 28, and due to a recent move, lack of doctor, and other complications, I've been off HBC for five weeks. Normally, my period would've started this past Tuesday, but didn't, probably due to my "new schedule". I went to PP on Friday, got my new pack of pills (Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo, if it makes a difference). Instinctively, I know that Sunday start means first Sunday after your period is over. But for some reason, when she said Sunday start, my addled brain interpreted this literally, and I started the pack Sunday. There was a little blood Sunday night, I thought itmight be spotting, since I was informed that the lower dosage of Lo might have more spotting (I've never actually spotted before). But as of this morning, I officially have my period.

Now, my question is, I'm only two days into this pack. Should I hold off taking the rest, and try some kind of Tuesday start when my period's over, just to maintain a sense of normalcy, or should I continue taking the pills as normal, and possibly have two periods this month? (I'm taking this solely for period control, as I'm no longer sexually active and don't really foresee that happening anytime soon, so it wouldn't affect my lifestyle if I held off another week or so.) Any ideas, VP-ers?
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