insidethefridge (insidethefridge) wrote in vaginapagina,

Is Candida real?

Hi, I have been suffering from chronic yeast infections for abuot seven years now. That's right ladies-7 years. By keeping up with this forum I know that I am not alone. I recently found out that part of my problem is that my skin layers around my vagina "shed" and allow the yeast to grow more freely. My questions is this: I have a variety of other symptoms. One of the greatest being increased sinus problems (I know the two are connected), even some eye problems. I have read a TON about Candida kind of infecting your whole body and it seems like 50% of the world thinks it's bullshit, and the other half believe in it. What are other peoples thoughts on a chronic YI taking a toll on the rest of your body?
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