churchofmanlove (churchofmanlove) wrote in vaginapagina,

HBC Question

Hi guys! I'm in a position I haven't been in for ages. I've been on low dose HBC for several years now, but this month I screwed up and didn't manage to get my new pack soon enough to start on time. I took my last placebo pill last Wednesday night, and I wont be able to start again until tomorrow (Monday).

Now, I know that it says in my package that after 7 days of active pills you are fully protected and no back up method is needed, and I even read more about it in the FAQs on here, BUT there is such a variety of conflicting info out there as to how long is really long enough before you're fully (or rather, as fully as can be expected on HBC) protected.

For my peace of mind, could someone possibly explain to me exactly WHY it is that 7 days is long enough to not need a back up method, regardless of when in your cycle you've started? Or, if you disagree, could you please tell me why? As a side note, I do understand that using condoms, even when on HBC, is a good idea. I'm just wondering about the actual science going on here. Thank you so much in advance!!
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