acs80 (acs80) wrote in vaginapagina,

Getting older...?

So, I turned 29 last month, which I realize, logically, isn't necessarily *old*. But I am getting oldER, I guess, and I'm starting to experience some weird body stuff and am wondering if anyone can relate.

For the last few months, I've been feeling moody, sort of "hormonal," for lack of a better word. I feel this way on and off throughout the month, not just when I'm PMSing the week or so before my period. I feel weepy and overly emotional, and also kind of irritable at times. I haven't experienced any significant life changes or gotten any distressing news or anything that could explain these changes in my moods. Even more distressing, I've found that it's become more difficult for me to lose weight -- I'm not overweight, but I do feel bloated a lot of the time. I'm not on hormonal HBC; I use a copper IUD and just finished my period, so I'm pretty much positive I'm not pregnant or anything.

I was worried I might have a thyroid issue (because my mom has hypothyroidism), since the moodiness/trouble losing weight also shows up in people with low thyroid problems, but I had a full blood work up done and everything fell within normal ranges.

I spoke to my mom about this today and she said that I might just be "getting older." And of course I've heard women talk about this: how when they hit 30 (or close to 30), they had trouble losing weight and stuff. My mom also said in her early thirties she'd have a few months when she felt kind of "off", when she was moody and felt hormonal and then later her body seemed to just regulate itself and even out again.

I'm wondering if anyone here has experienced similar bodily and emotional changes that have corresponded to getting older? If it's just part of aging, I can deal with it, I guess; more than anything, I'm trying to figure out if I should be worried and investigating if there's something actually wrong with me to explain these changes.

Thank you for your help!
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