chelsea jean (andonthisday) wrote in vaginapagina,
chelsea jean

What the heck is it?

Back in May, my GYN put me on Nuva Ring for what she thinks is endometriosis. She told me, because I wasn't using the ring as birth control, I could skip the period free weeks regardless of what the website said. So I had gone from May until a week ago (November 14th) without a period. Last Saturday, two days after I put a new ring in, I randomly got my period. I took the ring out, thinking something was terribly wrong and decided to just bear with the pain and get my period.

I usually only bleed for about four days, but this time it's been a week and doesn't seem to be letting up. AND - last night out of nowhere I started experiencing overwhelmingly bad cramps. I couldn't move, my legs were shaking and I eventually threw up the pain was so terrible. I took three ibuprofin and once the pain subsided, I fell asleep by 12.

Around 2AM, I woke up and felt something absolutely disgusting and slimy coming out of my vagina. I ran to the bathroom, and found this huge nasty unidentifyed object on my pad. No longer in pain, I took a picture of it in case I had to go to the doctor and went back to sleep.

What could this be? The picture is absolutely gross so anyone squeemish is SERIOUSLY advised not to look at it. I'm a fan of medical shows and it grossed me out. * There is absolutely no possibility of pregnancy. *


What could it be? I am completely baffled and disgusted.
Tags: menstruation/periods, uterine-lining
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