Heatherie Featherie (heatherie) wrote in vaginapagina,
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Coconut oil as lube?

Hello dahlink VPers!

I thought I'd read in here before that some of you had suggested using coconut oil as a lube, and that it was a mild anit-yeast?

I looked through the memories a little bit, but the opportunity just presented itself to hitch a ride to Madison where they'll actually have a store that will sell the stuff (I hate living in a podunk town) and now I have to get ready and don't really have time to search the memories AND shower and stuff.

So I was wondering - was I remembering right with the coconut oil or was that something else? I'm married and monagomous and we don't use condoms so that's not an issue. I'd like to try this - if this is the right thing I'm thinking of and it doesn't work as a lube (and also I'm going to divide it in half and use it like this anyway) I can always use it on my hair.
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