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Day 11 and counting...

So, I stopped using hormonal BC in February, and since then my cycle has been adjusting to the lack of chemicals I guess. Although my cycle has been long-ish (45 days), my period has alays been 3-4 days, not too heavy, and I haven't really had any pain or PMS.

This cycle, though has been very different. I started bleeding on day 25 (instead of my normal 45), and now it's the 11th day and I'm still bleeding! I've also been cramping and having sore uterus muscles, where normally I wouldn'thave any pain.

Is this just my body adjusting to the lack of Pill? a weird, but not worrying freak period? or could it be something else? (I was thinking a miscarriage, although it's not very heavy bleeding, and there's little chance of an unknown pregnancy).

Help, please!
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