fattygrl587 (fattygrl587) wrote in vaginapagina,

Crooked Cervix + Birth Control Questions

I just got my first annual exam and pap smear done today--- and I learned that my cervix veers to the left. The doctor said it was more common than you'd think and that it was no big deal. But internet surfing led me to a lot of information about problems with chilbirth and sex. I've a virgin, so I have no clue how this would affect me sexually. Do any of you have crooked cervixes? Has it made sex painful or difficult?

Also, I have very irregular periods. I got blood exams done and my hormone levels are normal, so the doctor decided that the best route to take would be to put me on Yaz. My questions about Yaz are: Has it helped any of you with clearing acne? Also, I'm a social smoker. I don't smoke often-- I generally smoke about a pack a month. Will this pose a great threat if I start taking Yaz?

Thank you!

ETA: Thank you! You've all been so helpful. :)
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