AngelLeigh (badcinderella) wrote in vaginapagina,

Constant cramps--month three.

The first month I had a terrible period, I wrote it off--once in a while a bad girlybits month happens. Pain, coupled with ouchie breasts, the usual bowel-upsets, bloating, a slight nasuea and mild headache lasted for a full month...then continued into the next month. Cramps got worse, bloating got more frustrating, head became very sensitive. Now I'm on month three with all the same jazz going on--cramps worse, bad mood because of pain on right or left side of lower abdomen. Any vomity-feelings are gone by now. Oh! Also, totally been getting my period, on time, every month with the same flow (just more pain). Arg! Is this something that just happens as you get older? My period's been flipping awesome up until now? (I'm 19) Anybody ever experienced the same thing? What could be going on in there?

Thanks for reading!
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