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I don't know if this is the right community to post this in, and I feel weird asking, but here goes. My last period ended about a week ago. It was normal, and I use pads. I've always used pads since I started my period years ago. A couple of days before my period stopped, I caught a bad cold. Being sick on your period sucks enough, but a couple of days after that, I started getting a really bad itch down there. The itch is closer my anus, but regardless, it's freakin annoying. It comes and goes pretty often, usually a couple of times a day. I checked out the area multiple times, and there is no visible inflammation, broken skin, bumps or bruises or anything. It looks completely normal. I've tried using wipes on the area, moisturizing to keep it from drying out, wiping more when using the bathroom, and wiping softer when using the bathroom. Nothing is helping, and it's driving me nuts. I thought about going to a doctor, but I don't have insurance. Does Planned Parenthood deal with this sort of thing, and if so, what would a checkup cost? I don't feel like waiting around for hours only to find it's way too expensive.

I don't think it's from using pads, unless I suddenly developed an allergy to something in them after years of use. Lately I've been trying to ignore the itch. Sometimes that works, and sometimes I just end up going mad. Any ideas?

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