Tamara (firesorceress) wrote in vaginapagina,

Diaphragms and spermicide...

Hello all, it's been a while since I've been on LJ! I have been trying to research diaphragms and spermicide on the net to find a forum, and I'm not having much luck. Thus, I'm hoping someone on here knows something about them! I got a diaphragm, and I found a recipe for spermicide, (because I can't really find much in the stores, heard the FDA ordered a stop to it or something) 3 drops of lemon juice to 1 tbsp aloe vera. I finally tried the diaphragm for the first time today. I checked the placement after sex, and it felt a little crooked, so I righted it. And I'm figuring if anything got past it, the spermicide should catch it. One of my issues thus far, is I can't reach my cervix when I have the diaphragm in to check and make sure it's in place. Even the nurse who fitted me had trouble finding it to make sure it was covered. I just have an abnormally long (not wide) vagina. The way I check it's placement, is I just make sure it's still behind my pubic bone. And I assume that if it is behind my pubic bone, it must be covering my cervix. I'm wondering if anyone else has that problem. Also, what do you do if you have to poop within the 6 hours you're supposed to keep it in for? Cause I went to go poop, but I felt like it was starting to dislodge when I tried to poop, and I don't want it to dislodge and let the little spermies still in there past the diaphragm. I'm married, it wouldn't be the end of the world per se if I got preggers, but it is certainly undesirable right now. I have tried almost every form of hormonal birth control out there, and they do not agree with me. I've even tried a copper IUD, but it just to the point where the side effects were too much for me. I'd use condoms, but they make sex so much less fun for my hubby that he doesn't like to have it as often when we use condoms or pull out. It seems like my only option left is a diaphragm, and these are kinda weird to get used to... Help? Any experiences you've had with diaphragms, or alternative birth control ideas, would really help!
Thanks a bunch in advance!
(Sorry to all of you in birthcontrolled group, this is a cross-post!)
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